Facebook Services

Facebook is a social networking website intended to connect friends, family, and business associates. It is the largest of the networking sites, with the runner up being MySpace. It began as a college networking website and has expanded to include anyone and everyone.

Facebook Profile: Key Features

    •   Facebook allows you to maintain a friends list and choose privacy settings to tailor who can see what on your profile
    •   Facebook allows you to upload photos and maintain photo albums that can be shared with your friends
    •   Facebook supports interactive online chat and the ability to comment on your friends "walls" in order to keep in touch or just say 'hi'.
    •   Facebook supports groups and fan pages, allowing businesses to effectively use Facebook as a vehicle for social media marketing
    •   Facebook's developer network delivers advanced functionality in the form of social apps like Flixster and Vampire Wars
   •   Facebook Connect allows websites to interact with Facebook and allows Facebook to be used as a universal login authentication service

Facebook Services:

    •   Facebook Subscribers/Facebook Followers
    •   Facebook Likes
    •   Facebook Photo Likes
    •   Facebook Shares
    •   Facebook Website Likes